girl's name: mariah   /   update name: wax the pussy!!!   /   video: 67 minutes!


money motherfuckin talks. check out what we have on the menu this time around. this time of year we have an abundance of eager spring breakers on south beach, all depleted of funds and eager to do whatever it takes to keep the party going. first off, we come across some dude willing to squirt a lemon in his fucking eyeball. if that is not up to your standards, we got this hot ass skater broad roll into our life on washington ave. after some negotiating, we get her to show off those great natural perky tits of hers. not only that, but we get her to wet up her panties to catch a quick peek at her camel toe. check it out, after watching a trio of hot asian chicks hit us off with some hot make out action on the sand.  just when you thought we ran out of randomness, we got our boy rob sneaking a camera into the club and talking some bar fly to find a spot to give him a blowjob...  cum on in...  and see it  here!
squirting lemon juice in the eyeball!  :) 3 way hottie kiss.   mmmmmmmmmm hot spring breaker gets dirty in the club!
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so now to the main course. we walk into this waxing spot looking to get our girl hooked up for some action later on in the evening. once we get to the back room to start the session, we offer mariah, the waxer, all sorts of convo filled with inuendo and promises of monetary gain. after a clean shaven pussy is achieved, we get down to business. some franklin faces and mariah was bout it.
some hot pussy licking action took place, along some tits banging on each other as they continued to bump camel toes. money
talks all languages round here folks. we live that shit.    click here to see it all!


30 second clip                                                                                30 second clip

30 second clip                                                                               30 second clip

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