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here at money talks we are known for pushing the envelope, and this episode pushes further towards the extreme, sexy and plain absurd than ever before. want proof. how about a daredevil skateboarder skating off a bridge, cape and all. how about roof top titties and wheel of bikini. how about a tranny freestyle in the middle of union square. how about that, indeed. you couldnt make these situations up...unless you work for us and convince people to do insane stunts for money. thats the only way you can get what we offer here, guys and gals. if that all wasnt enough already, donnie and josh head over to a local salon in search of a female willing and able. josh asks a blonde beauty for a wax, then once behind closed doors, asks for more. does she secede to his firm offer. well, money talks, so...
we don't have porno stars...these guys do!!!

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