update name:  two_lips!!!   •   girl's name: raica   •   age: 22  •   from:  rio
mike always says two lips are better than one!!!!!!!!!
mike in brazil

this is how the story goes:)
this week we have something special for you guys. we have a two girl treat. raica and dandara. morena and more morena. we found these two beauties at the beach. we spotted them from the back because they had such big, sweet asses and such small thongs. we wanted to get off the beach and go back to the pool so we invited them with the promise of chaipharinias and a dick. when we got to the house it was sip, sip, strip, strip. these chicks wanted tony badly and i was getting everything on film. all the slurpy dick sucking, deepthroating, ass slapping and the fucking. oh my, the sex was frantic. tony really gave it to them. they loved it. two dirty girls by the pool. it gets no better. enjoy!

mike in brazil
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