this is one hot mamma...  that you can't pass up on!!!
i was watching the movie the 40 year old virgin the other day, and it got me to wondering exactly how much does waxing really hurt. but i wasnt going to wax my chest. i like my hairy shit. instead i decided to try it closer to the testicular region. that region where the thighs meet the hips. pretty sensitive area i know. so obviously i found a hot ass milf there otherwise we wouldnt be discussing my now sore testicular region. anyways there was a milf in there getting a pedicure. i talked to her for a minute and told her what i was in there to do. she mentioned that she would like to see the resluts of that. so i told her she can see more than results. we went back to my house and the rest as they say is history. she had a pretty tight pussy almost made nut in record time. but i held my own!  :) 
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